CannaVentures, Inc.

CannaVentures supports early to late stage cannabis companies, with solid business models and strong management teams, that are well positioned to capitalize in the fast-changing, lucrative cannabis industry. Our management team has deep knowledge of the cannabis industry with capabilities and experience in all relevant cannabis product specific disciplines.

CannaVentures ‘From Seed-To-Bottom-Line’ Program is a pathway to success that enables any new or existing entity to launch into the cannabis cultivation business with the tools necessary to succeed. The highlights of the From Seed-To-Bottom-Line Program are:

CannaVentures Streaming provides needed financing without the ownership dilution typically associated with an investment of similar magnitude. CannaVentures is a small equity partner and our team of experienced professional are involved for the long haul- on the same side of the table, celebrating success together.
CannaVentures Real Estate secures a “green” property that fits the “ideal” guidelines to grow or process marijuana.
CannaVentures Licensing helps secure the proper license for that building, city, and state in the most timely and cost-efficient manner.
CannaVentures Services with the owner’s goals in mind, designs and manages the build out, equipment procurement, and installation of the facility. Expert in growing or processing techniques and product marketing and sales.
CannaVentures has a strong market presence and is experienced in all phases of the Cannabis business- design an optimal facility, customize an optimal equipment solution, train staff in all operational phases including proprietary cultivation methods, finance new or existing ventures, lease one of our licenses or guide your company through the licensing process, expand market exposure, increase sales and distribution channels, and/or consult with our team for general marijuana or strain specific information. Our expertise runs from design to bottom line.